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"go the fuck away im not dealing w ur snake shit today"

… he just slapped a fucking cobra.

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Grim’s 950 followers Giveaway

Since I just reached 950 followers and I am earning a lot of money I have decided to do my first giveaway!

The winner can choose one of the following packages:

The Free! Package:

-One Iwatobi or Samezuka swim jacket

-One pair of swim pants of your choosing

-One wig from Arda

The Attack on Titan Package:

-One Attack on Titan jacket

-a set of belts

-One wig from Arda

The Haikyuu Package:

-One volleyball uniform of your choosing

-The volleyball prop and knee pads

-One wig from Arda

If there is another anime you wish to substitute that is in the general price range as the packages above then we can work something out.


-You must be following me since this is for my followers.

-Likes and reblogs count. You may reblog as much as you like but be kind to your followers.

-I will ship worldwide.

-No giveaway blogs please, I will check.

-The giveaway will end September 23rd, two months from now.

-I will use a random number generator to pick the winner.

Well I think that’s it! Thank you to all my followers and I wish you good luck!

When a video game lets you move during extended dialogue:



I just want to be friends, plus a little extra, also I love you.

Dwight Schrute (via coffeekaling)

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when someone you hate gets the wrong answer in class



my interests range from cute puppy’s to hard core sex

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No offense but I’m cute

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Nanase Haruka || Free! Eternal Summer episode 4

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#I’m crying about this #BECAUSE THESE ARE THE SHOES GANYA’S WIFE HAD #this is such a small detail but it makes my soul sob violently #because she actually bought THE EXACT SAME SHOES that the headgirl of the group of these fancy women had #because she didn’t feel like a part of this group from the very beginning #not when she was observing them in the restaurant and realised they were all sitting pretty #not when she was walking with them and everything was awkward and not how it was supposed to be #BUT SHE BOUGHT THE SHOES ANYWAY #because she wanted to be their friend so much #she wanted to feel like one of them #AND LOOK AT HER FACE LOOK HOW FUCKING PROUD SHE IS OF HAVING THOSE SHOES #look at her little confident smile that says ‘Yeah now I’m good. Now I can be one of them. Now they will accept me. #SHE WANTED THIS SO MUCH #if this doesn’t break your heart I don’t know what else to say

Be right back, gonna cry for the rest of my life.

I love red so much

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"I’m Mikoshiba Momotarou! My hobby is hunting for stag beetles! My favorite proverb is "Even Homer sometimes nods"! My best dish is fried eggs! When I shower, first place I wash is- That hurts, ow, ow, ow!"

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i hope i randomly get super hot in the next year or two and everyone is just like “oh shit”

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Anonymous: For the crush thing: I'm just starting to like her a lot, but she's seen so many of my bad sides and relationships/sex are something that she's not very concerned about at the moment, so I have no idea what I'm doing.. I just really, really like her..

Hey man don’t ever worry about showing your bad side especially to someone you really like. Let me tell you, EVERYONE has their bad sides and she probably understands that. Just keep on moving on and just enjoy her whether it be as a friend or something more cause I’m sure she she enjoys you too.

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